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PostSubject: PLEASE READ....   Tue Oct 17, 2006 11:35 am

WELCOME members and non-members of Gambit to our new forums. Please be patient as our new forums is coming together slowly. If you are registering as a new member and are in Gambit please make sure you REQUEST to the Gambit Usergroup. IF YOU DO NOT YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO SEE THE MEMBERS SECTION OF THE FORUMS! ***PLEASE USE YOUR INGAME NAME TO REGISTER*** this will make things alot easier if u request to the usergroup and we know who you are.

-If you cannot post in a certain are it is not due to the site, certain areas are locked to be able to have admin access only.

-Please report any glitches to Misogosu or Cukiru.

-Non-members of the group should not be able to see any part of gambit section forums.

-The gambit admins group is a closed group and admin is selected by cukiru.

-Improper posts will not be tolerated...Please do not abuse the forums with pointless posting in incorrect areas, for it will make our lives alot harder.

Thank you and enjoy,


Please spread the URL around and have new recruits or possible recruits fill out the appplication in the application section.
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