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 READ THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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PostSubject: READ THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   Thu Oct 26, 2006 9:57 pm

I will probably update this now and agin as I receive suggestions and learn new things my self.

Most important thing to remember is to be papered! All so donít for get to repair and stock up on food and water as well as pots and bring the right equipment for the raid. So if were running something like molten core bring fire resistance and those beautiful fire pots.

Soul shards: Always come with at least 10 soul shard shards (this is the minimum allowed # of soul shards donít come with less or I will yell at you)

Soul stones: remember to set this on the priest (plz collaborate with the other warlocks so that we donít put 3 soul stones on a single person). If some one had already soul stoned the healer save your soul stone and be ready to sett it on the healer if we just wiped so that we can have a constant safety net incase we screw up and wipe. I personally donít like running back

health stones: make them they save lives! Give em to the tanks donít wait for them to ask because most for get we can make em.

remember we have pets! Use them. Use the imp because of its stan buff. If your in a group with another warlock then I recommend the use of the fell hunter because he mess up the enemy casters.

Do what the situation calls for: if we get attacked by large #s of enemies use aoe, if were fighting elites dot them all then focus on using shadow bolt or life steal or what ever u prefer to use.

Summoning: basically donít for get u can do it. Remember u cant summon some one thatís out side of an instance into an instance. To select some on in a raid to summon them u click the social button then u click on the raid tab and click there name.

Looting: be kind if your lvl 58 and a lvl 60 lock item drops and thereís a lvl 60 lock in the party they get 1st dibs so if they need u donít roll need if they donít need however and itís a bop then its ok for u to roll need, if its boe then ask the rest of the raid if its ok for you to roll need and if I find u selling it in the ah then your in trouble unless you got it with a greed roll then its all good=) if u win a boe its always nice to see if any guilds need it before u put it on ah though

ask the mages nicely for food and water donít just open trade with them and remember to say thank you

if any of you have any concerns or suggestions or questions plz post and/or /w me in the game and I will do my best to address your needs
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READ THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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