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 Hunter rules during raids.

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PostSubject: Hunter rules during raids.   Tue Oct 17, 2006 5:53 pm

This will be updated every now and then, depending on how things change.

I want everyone to use the best ammo possible, grind up AV rep if you must, and use those arrows only during raids for all I care. No rough arrows for you!

Second off, you will be using your pet. Basic logic is, if rogues and warriors are attacking, so is your pet. Common sense.

You are to be patient with your loot. You know that so called 'hunter loot' to you is perfectly good for a warrior or rogue. Suck it up. We will get you what you want sooner or later, if you want to make it quicker then bring mongoose exilir and such to every single hunter and I'll be sure something good happens for you.

Ask the mages nicely to give you water and food. That's right, ask them before you open up trade.

Repair and have full ammo before each and every single raid. You might need extra ammo at some point, this is fine. Accept it.

Daggers go to rogues first, end of story, they make much more use than we ever will out of them and thus, we're second to the dagger list. They are second to our bow and guns so it's all fair.


That's all I'm doing for now. Please feel free to post rules you believe should be up here.

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Hunter rules during raids.
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