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 Welcome Mages

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PostSubject: Welcome Mages   Sun Oct 29, 2006 8:49 am

Now that we are finally getting more mages into the guild, I guess I need to post some expectations for everyone.

Raid Rules for Mages:
--Always show up to the raid with at least 100 waters and 60 foods made. Do not wait till you are at the instance to make the water and food!

--You must have lvl 60 Crystal Water to raid. lvl 60 Cinnamon rolls are not required...but cool to have. If you do not have Crystal water yet, tell me or someone in the guild and we'll get a group to do DM with you for it.(you have to be lvl 60)

--During combat, unless otherwise noted, DPS as much as possible. There usually is no need for mana conservation unless we are on a boss, and then everyone will be told when to conserve mana. If we DPS as much as possible, the mobs will not last long, which equals quicker raids, less deaths for the tanks, and more mana for the priests...all good things. If you are worried about mana conservation, always use your mana ruby, and do not hesitate to use Evocation! A few mana pots are always a good thing as well! Remember, mana, Evocation and Rubies respawn, raiders do not!

--As you DPS though, do try your best at not pulling aggro. If you do, do NOT expect to be healed quickly, as the tanks are more important for staying alive so the priests stay alive so that things don't become a wipe. If you do pull aggro, and it will happen, stand your ground and DPS the mob down! Do not run around and whine that you have aggro and expect to be healed! We are squishy, and you should be used to dying by now. Also, if you can kill the mob yourself and keep things flowing, the raid will be much much smoother!
--On all small, non-elite mobs, we will be AOEing them down. Wait for a sheild from a priest before running in, for this will minimize the downtime between pulls if you should die. Again, if you die, dont be happens!

--Sheeping...I believe the raid icon for sheeps is a MOON. If there are multiple mages, which I hope there will be, then other icons might be used. If there are too many mobs to icon them all, then a MOON will be used for each sheeped mob. This will be when you are responsible to listen! I will call out your name and put a MOON over a mob, this is your mob, pay attention to it, because the next mob will have a MOON as well, but it will be for a different mage! If you actually listen, then there won't be multiple sheeps on one target.

--Watch your sheeps! If you sheep breaks early, re-sheep immediately!

--If your sheep is attacked by mistake, re-sheep immediately! If the person keeps attacking your sheep, re-sheep 3 times, this should give the message to whomever is attacking your sheep to stop attacking it! If they don't get the message, go ahead with DPS as planned and mention the person breaking the sheep to the raid leader after the mobs are down. DO NOT MENTION IT DURING THE FIGHT!

--When there are multiple mobs and we need to get them clustered together for AOE, do not forget to use your ice nova! With multiple mages, try to sync your attacks so that the mobs are immobile for as long as possible.

--When it comes to bosses, always wait for at least 3 sunders, maybe more and it will be told by the raid leader if more needs to be applied, before you start to DPS. This will minimize aggro pull, and will help get everyone set.

--As soon as you leave combat, drink and eat! You can loot after you get your mana back! This will better prepare us for unwanted pats or accidental aggro. This way the raid is not without our awesome DPS!

--Remember, mages are gods! Be nice to those lesser than you, and they will be nice back! It's the Golden Rule in Gambit!

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Welcome Mages
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