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 Shamen or sha-person?... is the title sexist?

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PostSubject: Shamen or sha-person?... is the title sexist?   Tue Oct 31, 2006 2:53 pm

I lead!... um.. I could post my talent tree if'n y'all want... What is a leader supposed to do on these things?
Advice?... ok. As Elemental I recommend getting in a good dose of lightning b4 the enemy is upon you.
I only put 3 points into Reverberation (shock spell cooldown talent) because I found that to be a fast enough cooldown.
I got a set of Blue Dragonscale that Cukiru made for me. I gathered the materials from the AH, looking for good prices and taking my time.
Twipple no este muy bien WoW player... many more know more. But i try.
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Shamen or sha-person?... is the title sexist?
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