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 me !!! 60 shaman and warrior

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PostSubject: me !!! 60 shaman and warrior   Thu Nov 02, 2006 1:01 am

Real Name:hamish
Do you have children?nope
(This will not affect your chances just nice to know. We have a few parents in the guild:)
Where are you from?:new zealand
Do you have a microphone?:nope
How vocal are you?:0
(1-10 scale, 1 = I never talk, 10 = I never shut up; and be honest!) :
What type of internet connection do you use?:broadband
Do you have any trouble staying connected and moving with 25+ players on the screen?: yes
Write a little about yourself well my mother died wen i was 9 and mi dad left the contry without telling me i got no parents so i love with mi grand parents
- Character information -

Character Name:dnd
Race: orc
Class: shaman
Current spec:
Spec you plan to use come TBC:

Other character(s):60 warrior other 60 shaman pvp and 60 rogue
Other Guild(s):none
Would they like to join? (they can all raid and they all 300 mining 3000 skinning
- Please use links listed above, and not other sites -

Past guilds: none
Reasons for leaving past guilds: didnt have any
What your class role is on raids and what else can you do to help improve our guild: i think i can heal us all ive got exstensive knol;odge of all instances so i dont need any help i can teach every1 to do there job
List of your experience in WoW: well i have alliance thats a grand marshal ive got to naxx
How you heard about us and why you wish to join us:well u were avtising and u guysw sound cool
Willing to Re-spec: yup i will
-Playtime - most of the time

When can you dedicate time to Gambit? High playing times that mesh well with the majority of our guild is a must if you wish to improve and help improve our guild!

Please fill in the days you play(state correct time zone pls):
Sunday: off
Monday: off
Tuesday: of
Friday: on

- More info -

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me !!! 60 shaman and warrior
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