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 Tips on being a Shaman

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PostSubject: Tips on being a Shaman   Mon Nov 06, 2006 8:03 pm

Number one! um... Be Shammerific! Add Shammy to all adjectives (like smurfy). For example:
A rogue stealthed in and shamed the shammy outta me.. .that wasn't very shammy of him. The next time he tries to sham me like that again I will lay down an EARTHBIND totem which will end his stealth quite Shammily!

A shammy trick to see all over the outside world... when you cast FARSIGHT and are seeing off in the distance, you can Re-Cast farsight from that view and essentially leapfrog your sight anyplace on the shammy map that you desire!

One more Shammy trick... against Mages, don't forget to Purge! Listen to our Roman forfathers and stick a shammy feather down the throat of thine enemy to Purge their shield.

Ok, ok... last shammy one... to piss off allies, find a body of water (like Southshore) and cast WATERWALKING and attack at range! Nobody can catch you! You are walking on water! P.Shammy.S. this works best with the Storm Reach talent.

More fun to shammy come!
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Tips on being a Shaman
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