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 Ustrel - 60 Mage

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PostSubject: Ustrel - 60 Mage   Wed Nov 08, 2006 9:57 pm

Real Name: Frank
Do you have children? Nope, hopefully not anytime soon Razz
(This will not affect your chances just nice to know. We have a few parents in the guild:)
Where are you from?: Canada
Do you have a microphone?:yes
How vocal are you?: 5-8 really depends on the other people
(1-10 scale, 1 = I never talk, 10 = I never shut up; and be honest!) :
What type of internet connection do you use?: DSL, but its really good here for some reason
Do you have any trouble staying connected and moving with 25+ players on the screen?: not at all, works perfectly
Write a little about yourself (what is your real life situation, what you do for fun when you don't play WoW etc): I am a student in my 4th year in finance and love to snowboard and try to golf as much as possible.

- Character information -

Character Name: Ustrel
Race: Undead
Class: Mage
Professions: Herb / Alc
Current spec: Full frost raid spec
Spec you plan to use come TBC: no idea yet, probably sticking with frost.

CTprofile: (Please provide a ct profile link from so we can see what you are wearing.)
Other character(s): 60 rogue (another server) and a 36 Warlock on this one.
Other Guild(s): For my rogue yes.
Would they like to join? (If so please post their professions, and spec if you would like to use them for raids and such.):

- Please use links listed above, and not other sites -

Past guilds: Prey (for my rogue)
Reasons for leaving past guilds: Not that i wanted to leave, i just couldnt handle my rogue anymore, i missed my mage too much.
What your class role is on raids and what else can you do to help improve our guild: I can make pots and i got some endgame experience.
List of your experience in WoW: (PvE and PvP wise, Endgame): ZG, MC and some world bosses.
How you heard about us and why you wish to join us: I saw an ad on the SC forums, and you were what i was looking for, a guild just starting endgame on the server.
Willing to Re-spec: (we do not do force specs but it would be nice to know if you would or wouldnt mind respeccing.) : yes, but tell me quick, gonna respec when i log back into the game Razz
-Playtime -

When can you dedicate time to Gambit? High playing times that mesh well with the majority of our guild is a must if you wish to improve and help improve our guild!

Please fill in the days you play(state correct time zone pls):
Sunday: All day
Monday: Really late at night
Tuesday: 6pm +
Wednesday: 6pm +
Thursday: 6pm +
Friday: 6pm +
Saturday: All day
(im at the same time as the server)

- More info -

Add anything else you would like to mention here, If you are a transfer from another server please input here and if you are already transferred or willing to transfer. Exceptionally Geared characters transfer fees maybe paid for based upon gear and experience. (conditions apply
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Ustrel - 60 Mage
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