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 My Build

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PostSubject: My Build   Thu Nov 09, 2006 1:07 am

Elemental: 31

Convection 5
Concussion 5
Earth's Grasp 2
Elemental Warding 1
Elemental Focus 1
Reverberation 3
Call of Thunder 5
Storm Reach 2
Elemental Fury 1
Lightning Mastery 5
Elemental Mastery1

Restoration: 20

Tidal Focus 5
Improved Reincarnation 1
Totemic Focus 5
Nature's Guidance 3
Totemic Mastery 1
Tidal Mastery 5

This build is good all-around I found. I can play in PvP or end game raids. It is heavily based on the power of lightning, with a back-up of totems. I set up shop with totems, and the totemic focus and mastery cut down on the mana use. It's the enemy's job to come to me. The drawback is reduced defensive ability. Even in good chainmail, I can't take many hits. That is why I have to get in a good bolt then use all the spells that reduce movement (Earthbind totem, frost bolt, even frostbrand on the wepon) and kite the Allie. That being said, I can take more hits than a priest or mage. If I'm PvP against a spell caster I have to neutralize their spells (Earth Shock, Tremor totem for Fear, and Grounding totem) and get in to deal some melee hits.
Within an instance it's my job to get the aggro off the Cloth-ies and hold it until the tank can take it back. Then I can heal. And whenever the party pulls too many mobs I can switch over to only-heal mode, assisting the priest. If everything is rolling well, then I get to lay down totems while the tank claims the aggro. Then hang back and deal massive Chain Lightning and Lightning DPS. I can cycle through lightning and shock spells continuously.
If I am solo against a lvl 60 enemy it runs like this:
First I will lay down Mana Spring totem and perhaps one other depending on specific enemy. Next, I attack at distance and I will get in 2 Lightning Bolts before the enemy gets to me. Once he arrives I hit him with Flame Shock then depending on how it goes, an Earth Shock to finish him off.
This build also conserves mana, which is a key to success. I hardly ever use the Fire Nova totem cause it is such a mana suck and tends to get taken out before it goes and even then doesn't do much in my opinion. I will lay down a Magma totem now and again in PvP, but in instances the chances of the Magma or Searing totem drawing unwanted aggro is too much, so I don't drop them. I hit with Flame Shock first because its Damage Over Time is the most cost effective. And I am always dropping the Mana Spring totem which costs almost zero and even though it doesn't do much, something is better than nothing.
Well, those are some of the battle basics based on my build. I like being a Shaman because of the versitility and the play style of being reactionary.

!Don't forget the lesser-used totems like Nature Resistance and Poison Cleansing!
!Don't forget to heal your hunter friends pet!
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My Build
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