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 The Rage In Severe.

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PostSubject: The Rage In Severe.   Mon Nov 27, 2006 1:31 am

Hello all. An unfortuante exchange of words between Tacnar and I led me him and I to leave the guild last night (Im back in, thanks Twipple). Here's what happened. Tacnar found out he couldn't invite anymore and seemed upset about it over guild chat. I told him many times over guild chat that Cukiru set it up to where only officers can invite. He kept insisting that he wanted the right to invite because he knew a couple of people in another guild that wanted to merge with us. I told him that a guild merger is out of the question and if knew some friends to contact an officer and we'll be glad to invite any friends. He said he has like a whole guild wanting to come over and become gambit (50 people). Obviously that's a lot of people and felt it would mess up what we were building.
After this conversation through guild chat he wanted to speak to me in private. He told me the same exact thing over tells and how it was bullshit he can't invite. He told me he didn't care that I knew Cukiru irl and desrved more authority because him and his roomie ( I believe misogusu) owns the vent server. I told him this is out of my control now and you have to talk to Cukiru. He said if he doesn't get more authority that he's gonna think about leaving the guild and take the vent server. He said that he wasn't doing this for himself but was doing it for gambit and wanted to see it grow.
Now obviously he wasn't speaking in a mature manner and including a lot of capalization of words and many .................'s. From my experience a person that types like this is either retared, young, or not native to english. I couldn't take Tacnar's shit anymore and left the guild. I wasn't going to be apart of a guild with someone so ignorant and immature about a situation that could've been handled better. I tried to explain to him many times over and over but it just didn't ge through.
I like to help people in guild chat and I guess he choose me to talk to since I was so active in conversations. He mistaken my kindness for weakness and talked down on me like I was a child. I admit I could've not left the guild and told him to fuck off but I was "severely" angry. I'm making a request not to be an officer of the guild anymore because I like gambit too much and don't have time for idiots.
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PostSubject: Re: The Rage In Severe.   Mon Nov 27, 2006 5:13 pm

I don't want to be an officer either!!! >.<

I don't play much anymore...anyway...


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The Rage In Severe.
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