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 Robes of Arcana Quest

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PostSubject: Robes of Arcana Quest   Mon Jan 01, 2007 6:50 pm

Hello Warlocks!!

F.Y.I. ON THIS QUEST: You do not have to buy this in the auction house. i can make this robe for you. I would appreciate if you have the mats, but we can work around that as well. This is only one part of several in this chain, but i think that the reward is worth it. You receive a good blue robe at the end that you will wanna use for a while. You can e-mail me the mat's if I'm not around, but i'm usually online around 7pm to 11pm (gametime) on any givin nite. The mats are as follows: 4 bolts of silk, 2 spider's silk, And thread which we can get at the vendor. The best place for spider's silk i have found is Arthi basin in the middle of the map toward the north. there are lv.35-36 spiders there and the drop rate is pretty high. Happy hunting!!
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Robes of Arcana Quest
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