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 Talent build.

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PostSubject: Talent build.   Tue Oct 17, 2006 5:58 pm

Please post your talent build here. This is simply so I know what I'm working with.

Also, if I think it's really bad I'll point some advice to you in private.

Just so no one ever asks me, this is my current build:

Is it good for DPS? Hell no! This is a strict PvP build, however, I have still been on top of everyone else in parties and even ZG and MC.

Now, if DPS is what you are looking for try some of these builds:

Scatter shot is a good talent simply because it can stop spinners in ZG and a few other mobs that we'll be up against. This improves your DPS as well as your pets, so both of you should be doing quite a bit of damage.
This is focused more on ranged DPS, as well as some helpful (even though not very so helpful) with the improved hunter's mark. Yes, it is trash, it still does something. Just not much. The humanoid and monster slaying is increased by 3% I honestly don't know how much this translate into, but I'm sure someone will want it. Your pet will be doing much less damage, to make up for this you can use a slow attacking pet that way they'll have much bigger attacks, they'll just happen less often. (If it helps your epeen, good for you!)
This build is more towards the hope your traps work, and will be called on them a lot. In the end Sept is the raid leader so he'll be the one asking for you to use traps or not. And even if you don't, with the plus hit bonus from sure footed you only need three to four more plus hit to never miss under our current system. That's right, you will never miss. Just go and get the +3% hit scope.
If you have over 360 agility, this should boost your agility enough to make Trueshot Aura useless for you. I've never used Wyvern Sting in end game, but if it works it certainly will be handy at times. As well as that, you have a handy little pet that does above average DPS as well as traps that should be handy with trash mobs.
This focuses on traps and Wyvern Sting as well as some good ol' ranged DPS. As you have noticed, I've stayed away from Savage Strikes and Improved Wing Clip and all those other nice melee abilities. Why? Because you should not be in the melee besides a select few times. A single trap will do more DPS than your sorry ass. And do not say "I'm a melee hunter" because all that means to everyone who knows how to play our class is "I'm a freakin' idiot who wants to be a warrior/rogue with a pet!" We aren't Rexxar, suck it up.

Now some of my ideas for TBC. On the count it's still not here, I can't say for sure what will be the best. So, these are just ideas for right now.
As some of you may or may not know, viper sting now has a 15 second cool down. This build has a lot of changes, let's just say this is a basic build, and has several, several different talents spread over and such.
This is a PvP build, one of several.
Another one! You should get the point. Lots of PvP builds, I'm not gonna go threw all of them, I just made ten... <_<
And no, I'm not posting them!
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Talent build.
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